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Resume Sharks is a team of people driven to understand you and what intrinsically drives you.  We are passionate about working with people.  We thrive in environments where we can help others develop their story, create their own unique narrative and then give them a platform in which it can be showcased.

We are committed to helping you bring this to life and prospective employers.  HR teams tend to be overburdened and give your resume a two-second glance, and emerging HR practice tends to utilize computer screening processes to search resumes for key words.

The trick is to showcase your individuality so that your resume communicates to these automated platforms as well as creates a lasting impact with the humans whom are your potential employers.  Our strategy is to optimize your resume as to ensure that it not only reaches human hands but is also presented properly to attract the right attention so that you make it to the interview stage.

We pride ourselves on our ability to assist jobseekers to reach their career goals.  Sign up now, and let Resume Sharks assist you to “take a bite out of your next career move!”        


With over ten years of experience working in the global oil & gas business in various roles including business development, research, training and management consulting, Derek has managed and developed teams both locally and remotely and has experience in both interviewing and hiring candidates.

His resume includes delivery of projects in a wide range of geographies in over twenty countries. He received his Master of International Business from the University of Saint Thomas (Houston, Texas) in 2004.

Derek is Co-Founder of Resume Sharks and currently works as a Senior Business Development Manager for a global professional services firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. Derek is passionate about developing others around him by empowering them with coaching and mentoring to succeed in highly dynamic roles that make a difference for clients. He is a professional resume and cover letter writer as well as a management consultant.

100% Grammar Shark
84% Communication Whiz
90% Practical Genius
95% Leadership King
92% Master Skills Interpreter


Peter has spent three years working in recruitment, human resources and professional development at a global, Magic Circle law firm at the US-based office in New York. With experience in hiring legal candidates out of school, junior- and mid-level attorneys, C-Suite managers, and support staff.

He has experience in training, development, and performance management of legal staff. He received his M.A. in Human Development (Applied Psychology) from New York University in 2011 and has bachelor degrees in History, Education, and Psychology. Peter is Co-Founder of Resume Sharks and currently works as a Researcher and Measurement & Evaluation Assistant Analyst at a South African based, non-governmental organization. Peter is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and to help them focus on their strengths and capabilities.

He is a professional resume and cover letter writer as well as an interview coach.

100% Potential Maximiser
90% Organizational Nut
93% Interpersonal Skills Master
85% Strategic Genie
98% Top Notch Fact Finder
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